Safe Talk, Safe Ride

Hands-free communication with your kids as if you’re right next to them

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About Com-Com

Safety with communication, guidance and independent riding.

Riding as a family brings a sense of freedom, exploration and bonding that results in lasting memories and healthy habits. However, family riding may not always be a “ride in the park,” especially for those with children who like to speed ahead. Many parents have experienced those helpless moments when their children ride too close to a busy road and think, “Will they hear me if I scream STOP”?

Com-Com was developed to prevent these frightening situations by putting parents in direct communication with their children as if they are right next to them. Com-Com is specially made for easy communication using a convenient button on the handle bar grip so as to maintain balance and continued movement. Com-Com will allow parents to communicate with their child from a distance and convey safety through guidance.

What Parents Say

"That was definitely a more “calming” bike ride..."

"A much more relaxing bike ride then having to scream to slow down!"

"A new way to play that gives independence"

Mom: "How many times do you ask “what did you say?” when we are riding without the Com-Com
Kid: "100 times!"

Who We Are

We are a team of Stanford students dedicated to improving family bicycling.

  • Maryam Zahedi

    Maryam Zahedi

    Maryam loves seeing conceptual ideas come to life! Every product that she designs is with the hope of making someone in this world become a happier person.

  • Megan Chiou

    Megan Chiou

    Megan is a firm believer that design has the power to create transformative experiences. She is currently exploring this idea as it relates collaborative engagement in on/offline communities, STEM education for girls, and children's toys. Who doesn't love toys?

  • Michael Coronado

    Michael Coronado

    Michael, a Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University, is a scientist at heart with a background in biochemistry and toxicology. Michael has recently entered into the design world where he wants to utilize his analytical expertise to improve family riding by developing a bicycle communication device for children.

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